PETER GATT - Executive Director

Peter Gatt loved photography since high school and decided to go to Humber College to study Creative Photography.

Peter started teaching in Photography in 2000 when, he started at Henry’s School of Imaging. Then, Peter started to teach at Alexander Mackenzie High School in 2002. On June 27th 2006, he started his own school- School of Photography, located in 465 Wilson Avenue which moved to 780 Wilson Avenue because of the growing population.

He has the passion to educate the public and young talents to the photographic field and would like to preserve historical photography from its extinction.

Executive Director


JACK GILBERT - Secretary

Although Jack Gilbert is a retired lawyer, he had deep roots in professional photography that brought him back to the photographic field.

Jack’s father, Nathan Gilbert had inspired him and his brother, Al Gilbert, to set a high standard of excellence. His brother holds a Canadian Master of Photography Arts degree as well as a Fellowship, Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsmen degrees and the Fellowship from The Professional Photographers of America. His brother is recognized nationally and internationally in the photographic field, which include member of the order of Canada, on several occasion he has won Canada’s Photographer of the Year on several occasions, Lifetime Achievement Award by the Photographic Industry of America, and the International Award from the American Society of Photographers, the first recipient of the Yousuf Karsh Memorial award from the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2003. He is also the first Canadian to be awarded a Lifetime achievement award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2007. Jack’s brother is often nicknamed as the Ambassador of Canadian Photography, and he is a popular speaker and lecturer around the world.

Jack, retired as a lawyer, but has actively pursued a photography career. His works range from a straightforward style to an abstracted conceptual compositions that are as much about imagination as reality. His subjects range from wild animals in Africa to the ruins in Burma, jagged peaks to pristine rivers, the dusty backwater oases of Patagonia, and other countless subjects.

Jack is recognized in the photographic field. In May 2003, Jack Gilbert had his first show- “Jack’s Exhibition at Robert Mede Gallery”, followed by the second show at Career Gallery in Toronto the next year. An art focus magazine wrote "Photo artist Jack Gilbert stunned the art world when he sold 68 hand printed digital photos".


T.B.A. - Treasurer


Photography professor at Humber College

Neil Fox has over forty years experience in the photographic arts and business.  He owned and maintained a professional studio and colour laboratory in Toronto and has been a designer, consultant and educator to the photographic industry.  Neil Fox is a colour and historical alternative process specialist who has lectured and written on the subject.  He spent three years in the Middle East producing a rare exhibit of “Dye Transfer” prints.  Currently on faculty in the Creative Photography Program at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning he has organized photographic adventure travels around the world for graduating students and alumni.

Board Member

Board Member


Wildlife Photographer

David Hemmings is a world-renowned bird photographer who is known throughout the nature photography world for creating some of the most dynamic and impressive bird-in-flight images anywhere today. His work has been published on the cover of National Geographic and has also appeared on the cover of numerous nature photography publications. His most recent book is entitled “On Feathered Wings”. David’s work is also currently on display as part of an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History Ornithology Department in New York City. David enjoys teaching his talents to many others through teaching photography workshops.


Other members of the Management Team will be appointed as the Museum progresses and the number of board members elected will be determined accordingly to the future needs of the Museum 

Honorary Board Member

Silvano Venuto

Silvano Imaging Lab has provided great photographic images for professional photographers and armatures a like for 57 years, After deciding to retire and close the lab down, Silvano was nice enough to donate a lot of the labs equipments to the Photographic Museum of Ontario

Ron Pereux

Program Director - Education for the Ajax Photography Club

More Information to follow.